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Monday, 21 July 2014

Can girls be friends??

Couple of days back..the guy gang of my family was discussing a very controversial and critical issue. But before letting you know about their chitchat..let me give a brief of that  incident which triggered the gossip session in my house on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Apparently some female team mate of one of my cousin refused to work with her other female colleague and lost an opportunity to go onsite..can you believe it ...an ONSITE opportunity!!!! (those who don't know ...let me tell you...an onsite opportunity in IT is the only "tinke ka sahara" to face that forty hours weekly agony called office). And trust me, I have seen all kinds of international level politics, battles, and wars happening for that one thing in that small board room (even Namo can take some tips for formulating his "videsh niti" from these onsite aspirants cum warriors). And the refusal was done due to some personal tiff they had some time back.

Well so these onsite lovers of my family were discussing or whispering (they didn't wanted me to hear but I did any how) about the jealousy factors and friendship equation of girls. And out of the whole discussion, the only sentence which struck me (and the opposite team was ready to bet on it) was girls can never be friends...

So to prove them wrong, I decided to make a list of my girlfriends...I even asked one of my good friends to help me out...we counted and recounted several times...(even tried to include our dietitian, parlourwali (beautician), kamwali bai (maids) etc etc once...:-))...but unfortunately were unable to take that number even past five (adding our both).

So was the wolf pack of my family right? Is it true we cannot be friends? I remember sitting in my office cafeteria with one of my girlfriend in lunch time and there comes this girl from some other project...I met her, we talked and she went. But this social behaviour of mine didn't go too well with my colleague with whom I was sitting previously..She told me or I can say warned me to not to talk to her in future and that even included the messenger or emails. What I came to know afterwards was... they use to work in same project sometime back and this friend of mine never liked her ultra urban clothing, makeup, party ethics etc..but the most puzzling part for me was...they actually never talked  personally..one to one..and this verdict was only coming from her appearances and her brand fixation....yup....funny haan...

After these two discussions and my own self-proclaimed research, I have started feeling that we (girls) live in two worlds.. the first one is ours (where the estrogen rules) and the other one is the normal one our planet..our 
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earth...with basic laws and regulations. Our (girls) world has only two types of races, castes, creeds or categories i.e. Jealousy and Non Jealousy...so it's very simple bottom line rule for us...If you are jealous of someone you can never be friends and vice versa..(and let me remind you ...this is a thumb rule for the whole group...so if you don't like someone...your group is there to support you fully)....now this emotion or feeling can very well originate from her having a Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Manish Malhotra, or a Sabyasachi. A solitaire diamond or ..don't even go that far...a nice nail art or a pretty dress can aggravate this condition....And the ultimate killer of all (curse FB)....vacation pics from some exotic location...with a gorgeous background and beautiful glowing skin....After all, you can fail to remember anything in this world...but can never forget to anonymously check the profile of the one...who plays or have played with your emotion called envy.. I remember one quote I read on FB sometime back i.e. - "A jealous woman does a better research than FBI"...is it true? I think so...:-).

Now the second anomaly comes as a natural gift to us...(it proves god is not a female atleast)..is the inability to pretend...So if we don't like someone.. there it is bang on the face. .(it improves after few years of experience though)..and this over expressive ability of ours..which I think is directly connected to our hearts..rather than oopar ka mala or also called as brain..deepens the anonymity and the cold war..Now I understand a bit ...why they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus..

Well, I always try my best to be more present in the second part of our world..but..sometimes Burberry and Chanel can be overpowering for me too....:-)  (coming more on this) 

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