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this blog is dedicated to all the people out there..who are stuck in their clich├ęd everyday life...but are true ROCKSTARS in their alter egos...(Do you see a Mark Zuckerberg or a Beyonce..when you look at yourself in the mirror??)...I do ..:-) The unusual but identifying stories of a middleclass girl trying to survive in this moral and modern world....:-)

Tuesday, 31 May 2016


After thinking for a day or so I still can't find any appropriate heading for my post. It's been almost two years since the last post...two years !! seriously...Don't know what was I doing in those somewhat 650 days. 

And the only thing which I could see was constant in those days was change. The biggest for me was
(Pic courtesy - http://www.commexus.ca)
 changing from a self-centered human being to a mother. Yes I know, it sounds straight from a retro Hindi movie..but can't help it. No other feeling in this world can beat it. I can never be so emotional or protective for anyone in this world. 

Coming back from the verge of postpartum depression, dark thoughts, and what not..I am renewing this blog as an escape...may be to maintain my sanity or to get connected with other human beings..will try to write more.                                                                                   

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