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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Things you'll definitely know if you are married to an IT guy....

After seeing this crazy list-o-mania trending on social media nowadays, I too thought of coming up with my own. But creating a list was not an easy job and the realisation came to me after four days of personalised research on it.

Well, it was not if I had a mental or writing block...rather the topics appeared to be too controversial or sensitive for me...for e.g. "Things you'll definitely know if you have a snobby boss" (I know people... everyone wants to write about this one topic...but I have an appraisal cycle next month..so can't)..or "Things you'll definitely know if you have a nagging wife"....Noo!!..I can't write excerpts of my own biography...leave it...

Thus after thinking and rejecting almost ten themes, I zeroed upon the one which had the least risk and controversy creating capabilities...Because I knew I will be able to settle down the consequential domestic hullabaloo (really like this word) with a plate of pakoras or a bowl of kheer...if he reads it....   
So coming down to my list...I have kept it really sweet and simple...But before that let me write a very clear disclaimer for it - " This is not a work of fiction. It may be or would be resembling to lives of almost 99% of professionals working in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Gurgaon and all metro cities..:-)"
  • Code, Client, Bug, By Default are general terminologies of your daily conversations..:-) 
  • Your every bill, insurance renewals, policy purchase, ITR filing etc. etc. are done on the last date or deadline...even being on PCs 24*7...but so what at least we did it...and avoided the late payment fee like the last three months...oh yeah we are improvising..:-)
  • You have to have almost all important conversations twice because he's always busy on his Blackberry or Laptop..
  • You are always late for your relative's, friend's or colleague's party because he memorised it after the major software release..which got postponed ....and the party was too (in his oopar ka mala)...Now I know this Ghajini's STML was not a fake funda...I can bet on it...:-)
  • Friday night is the best time to strike a sensitive conversation because he's in best of his moods and spirits...and honestly you can ask for anything at that time...shhhhh :-)
  • You both are sitting in your favourite restaurant indulging in one of the best conversation of your life (atleast...you thought so)..and suddenly some client issue or bug arrives as the wo in your much awaited date night... Gone within 60 seconds..:-)
  • Your vacation plans take two-three attempts to materialise..thanks to some unexpected weekend change, issue or call :-)
  • You only have one day i.e. Saturday to finish each and every work, task, chore associated with  home, finances, relatives, friends etc.etc..:-)
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Risk Management plays a pivotal role...even when you are buying kanda and aloo...Why??? ..because Rita Mulcahy said so...:-)
  • And last but not the least..Sunday is the gloomiest day in your home.
These are some of the day to day experiences, I am having as his companion. I am sure if asked he'll have a longer list than mine...because I am into IT and nagging too..:-)

But I believe...that is what marriage is all about...finding happiness and joy in each others imperfections and blunders..again and again...isn't it??? :-)

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  1. Lol..super funny. Having worked in IT companies I know these IT guys have a cute sense of humour and are ready to discuss anything and everything. Good perspective.

  2. Thanks Gitanjali...I know...I am experiencing that too...see you around..:-)

  3. Being in IT myself, i could relate to this article. Also would like to thank you cos i had almost missed to renew my bike insurance, remembered it after I read your second point!

    1. lolzz Rajneesh...i guess we are on the same boat...see you around...