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Saturday, 16 August 2014

I am a feminist...am I??

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With Ganeshotsav around the corner, practice sessions of traditional art form of "Dol Tasha" are on full swing in each and every mohalla of Pune nowadays. One such group practices very near to my house too. I really like watching and hearing them every day. But the aspect which amuses and fascinates me more this year is the number of girls practicing and performing in the group.

Daily I watch them in their salwar suits with a Dhol tightly hanging from their shoulder to waist, trying to perform in sync with male members of the group. I feel really proud of them as they are trying to make a mark in an art form which traditionally has more male performers. 

Generally, I didn't get much time to watch their whole practice session which usually continues till seven or eight in the evening. But yesterday being a holiday I saw them wind up their session. Afterwards, male members of the group carried the Dhols with them while the girls were sitting aside and chatting.

Surprisingly it appears that these girls want to learn a predominated male art form and perform like their male counterparts but when it comes to carrying the instrument they needed help. So wasn't it a selfish and unfair move? Were they really tired or were just taking an advantage of being a girl? Well, I cannot judge the level of exhaustion of girls or the volunteering gestures of boys just by observing and watching them.

But didn't we all do the same in our lives, time to time? Didn't we all curse each and every men walking past by and not helping us to start our scooty in rains? Whether its carrying the heaviest shopping bag or giving a place to sit in a local; helping and protecting are the basic fundamental duties of every male in our minds and our female world. From father, brother, boyfriend to husband all the male figures in our life are entitled for a set of obligations associated with us. Didn't we all try to exploit the masculinity of other sex as per our needs, situations or emotions?

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We cannot become feminist as per our choice, needs, and situation. So is this pseudo-feminism? Well, that is a long debate with an unclear answer. But for now, we can give some credit and recognition to all the male figures in our lives, who silently cover up for us in our thick and thins.

Hats off to you guys!!    

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