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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A Vampire's Black Diary

Black is me! As an immortal, it's the best how I can describe the
magnitude of this colour in my existence. It's peaceful, serene and
courtesy - www.blingcheese.com

Couple of nights back, I stumbled upon #whattheblack activity flashing on Blogadda. Yes, I visit Blogadda often too. It's the best way to assess and inspect the intellectual and logical mortal world. After all, we also need some creative juices flowing in our veins. 

Rumoured to be yet another conspiracy of lycans, I decided to investigate what actually #whattheblack was. Not having much to do in daytime, I wrote and submitted my first entry. And thanks to all the artistry running in my blood, I got shortlisted too.:-)

The next phase of #whattheblack activity was analysing the three clues and guessing the fourth and final one. All four of them were to be delivered at my home. I was so excited and desperate. Can you imagine getting black goodies from mortals that too at my door step...evil me.

Let me walk you through my four night #whattheblack experience. Come on..don't be scared..

Clue i 

I was really anxious on the first day and there it came my first clue. The package was all black and very interestingly done. I opened it cautiously and it was a Black Egg."No lycans can't think that innovatively", I told and smiled at myself. This can only be humans or mortals. And to my astonishment, it was filled with delicious looking and tasting chocolate too. Well that can be an amazing gift for Sheila (my new next door neighbour) and so I kept it safely in my cupboard. I diligently tried to guess the next clue and waited for it to come.

Clue ii 

The next clue was more bewildering than the first one. This time the daily newspaper turned black. As it normally comes in daylight and is white, I am not an avid reader of it. But a black one surely coaxed me to read some of the headlines in it. As expected, Black Egg was the front page news. But a black star, black cricket uniforms and then a black ball....It was all startling for me too (And trust me, there are not many things on this earth which can amaze me)..

So much of reading but still no inkling of #whattheblack was going on..

Clue iii 

And then arrived the curious case of  black coffee cup and tissue paper. Wait the black tissue paper was there on the newspaper..Oh No!!..missed it yesterday. But knowing my food habits, I must say these two products now being black would really help me in future.:-)

I must say this mystery took over my mind and thoughts. I didn't even go for my routine night out...What would it be? I was anxious and curious..

The Final Revelation

And finally the fourth and final product was here. Interestingly, the package had a similar shape to one of my favourite napping places. I opened it and there it was a black bristle toothbrush. 

It's a new invention of Colgate and is termed as Slim Soft Charcoal. It's bristles are charcoal infused and 17X slimmer...Wow!! I never saw it coming.

I used it straightaway..And let me tell you, it didn't let me down. Due to my eating habits, I have to retire my white toothbrush in two - three days and brushing for me is painful too...ouch (ya we do it too..afterall we live in a civilised world). But this time, I am really lucky to get this ground breaking piece of technique. It's very soft and black in color.. perfect for me and my coven..I guess mortals got really lucky this time and invented this amazing must have item..      

It's so useful and accurate. Give it a try. I am sure it will not disappoint you..   

Colgate Slim Soft Charcoal & Blogadda - You rock both mortal & immortal worlds!!!!             

This whole activity was really exciting and I had loads of fun too...oh no...I started sounding like mortals...

Time to sign off!!

This post is a part of #WhatTheBlack activity at BlogAdda.com

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